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Sahra Saeeda Kent - Journey Through Egypt


Shira's Website for all things Belly Dance


Local Dallas Dancers I performed with ~

Tamra Henna ~







Dance music & supplies ~

Radio Bastet - A radio podcast that features an amazing collection of vintage Arabic Music ~




Hollywood Music Center


Saroyan Finger Cymbals


Arabic Lyrics -


CD & Book - Egyptian Music: Appreciation & Practice for Bellydancers -

Maqam World - Maqam World is a non-commercial, educational web site dedicated to helping musicians understand the maqam or modal system used in classical Arabic music


Where to see Belly Dance in the Dallas/Fort Worth area ~

Al Amir Addison -

Al Amir Arlington -

Sanabels ~


Cafe Instanbul ~


Giovanni's ~


Byblos ~


Habibi Cafe


Turkish Cafe ~


Places to see dance in the NYC ~

Le Souk -


Places to see dance in Las Vegas ~

Marrakech ~

Ali Baba's ~

Places to see dance in the SF Bay Area ~


Places to see dance in the LA Area ~

Places to see dance in the Chicago ~

Places to see dance in the Washington DC area ~

Places to see dance in the St Louis ~

Places to see dance oversea's -

Habibi's - Hong Kong

Small Middle Eastern restaurant w/ Belly Dancing on Hong Kong Island


Souk Medina - London

1a Short's Gardens, WC2H 9AT. (Its a fun place & decent food)


Levant & Levantine in London

I keep meaning to try but I've heard it's good


Maroush V - 4 Vere Street , London, W1G 0DH

it's a lot of fun


Momo 25 - 27 Heddon Street, Regent Street, London, W1B 4BH


La Valle dei Cedri - Florence, Italy

Lebanese Restaurant w/ dancers on Saturday night



Costumes in Cairo - 

Pharaonix of Egypt By Amira El Kattan

27 Basra St. Mohandeseen, Cairo Egypt

Gorgeous, built to last costumes!

Yasser Belly Dance Costumes

2 Sekket, Khan al Khalili, Cairo Egypt


Al-Wikalah by Mahmoud Abd El Ghaffar

73 Gawhar Al-Qayid st. Khan al Khalili, Cairo Egypt 


Reda El Hadidi

(Gorgeous Custom Galabia's)

11 Khan al Khalili, Cairo Egypt


Hanan Mahmoud

15- Mahtet Kobray el koba st.

Office Tel.4531733 /

3- Ismeil Bekt st. Kobry el-Koba


Eman Zaki

40 El Mesaha St.,



Mamdouh Morise - Magic Fashion



Yasser Bakr

8 Rd. 78, Al- Maad 10 Shewekar Bld.,

Khan El Khalili 



(Best place in Cairo for gold jewelry)

Address : 6 Khan El Khalili,Cairo,Egypt. 
Tel : 5931064 - 5904721 
Fax : 5885898 
New Gouzlan: 
Address :8 Khan El Khalili,Cairo,Egypt. 
Tel : 5886041 
Gouzlan Maadi: 
Address : 98 Road 9 Maadi,Cairo,Egypt. 
Tel : 3587121 
Gouzlan Degla: 
Address : 41 road 218,Degla,Maadi,Cairo,Egypt. 
Tel : 7549590








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